Children and families that have worked with Achieve 360


I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for Sarah. Sarah is a different girl all together. She is back to how she was 2 years ago.As you know she was very apprehensive at first about coming to see you, especially after the way things had gone at school. Sarah couldn’t believe how relaxed and easy it was to come and talk to you, whether on the phone or in person, and i know that if sarah needs you in the future she would get in touch with you and you would help her.I would highly recommend you to anyone i thought who were having similar problems.

Nicki has worked within my school for over two years delivering pupil counselling and family support work and play therapy.

During her work here, Nicki has managed to persuade even the most reluctant parents and pupils to engage with school, and developed good relationships with pupils, families, staff and other agencies.

Nicki has made a positive difference to the outcomes of all the pupils with whom she has worked in terms of attitude, attendance and learning behaviours, which have all impacted on individual pupil results. More importantly, the work which they have carried out has supported the emotional well-being and confidence of the individual pupils.

We are a large urban school, in an area of high deprivation and have many families who are involved with Children’s Services and nicki is able to work with families in crisis without prejudice or judgement. Nicki has also been involved in the whole referral process including the completion of the Common Assessment Framework and attendance at Core Assessment meetings, Conferences and Multi-Agency Review Meetings. At all of these meetings Nicki have been thoroughly professional - focussing on the needs of the child.

Nicky and her team have supported my school extremely well, and I thoroughly recommend their services. If financially possible, I would employ them full time!
Miss J Burns, Headteacher, Roebuck School

Nicki has worked with children and parents at our school for over 3 years now. In that time they have supported parents with behaviour management, school attendance, financial and housing issues and general parenting advice as well as working with targeted children here.

Nicki has provided play therapy and one-to-one sessions with many children in their work here. Staff and parents notice an amazing difference as a result of Nicki’s work and the improvements in attendance, punctuality and behaviour are fantastic. We could not manage without Nicki now and cannot recommend them highly enough.
Lindsay Timms, Headteacher, Cottam Primary School

The non judgemental patient acceptance a dog can give a reluctant reader creates an excellent learning environment. At school this initiative has had a positive impact on reading in the children who lack confidence or are reluctant to read
Mrs C Abel, Headteacher, Haskayne School

Joanne says her daughters had no interest in reading until they got a change to read with Evie, she could really see their confidence increase week by week, they always tried to find a book Evie would like to listen to.

Mrs B says seeing the donkeys reminds her of her childhood beach holidays, she wishes they could come every week. Win says she looks forward to Wednesday because theats the day that Evie poodle comes to see her.
Elderly Therapy Clients based in Nursing Homes

Daniel said he would read every night if he could take Lyra home with him.

Whilst Matthew who initially said he didn’t want to see a dog because he didn’t like them asked after a few weeks if he could join in because ’She isnt just a dog she is "Evie"’, and he now reads her poetry.