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BACP - Counselling changes lives

Our team of qualified Counsellors are Individual members of the BACP

Schools, Social Care & Individual Referrals

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Schools, Social Care and individual clients can refer to Achieve 360 with complete confidence. Nicki will personally meet with you or a representative and discuss offering a bespoke package to suit your requirements.

Originally beginning in Preston, the service to schools and Social Care has extended across the North West mainly due to the reputation of Achieve 360 and the outstanding testimonials praising the excellent outcomes and professional delivery.

Nicki and her team are flexible to your needs, they work in both Primary and Secondary schools offering a range of services including Person centred counselling, Counselling and Psychotherapy, Therapeutic Play, Support with Behavioural Issues and a Holistic Family Support Service. Counselling can also be arranged for issues including anxiety, stress, depression, loss and grief, separation, ADHD, Dyspraxia and school refusers. These comprehensive services are offered extensively across schools in the Northwest and demand has grown rapidly.

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Therapeutic Play

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Therapeutic play is listening to a child through play, this encourages the young person to explore his own world and feelings in a non-threatening environment. Therapeutic Play is non-directive, which means the child will lead the sessions and not be asked direct questions.

Nicki and her team have worked with young children as young as 4 years who are struggling either at home or school with anxiety, low confidence/self-esteem, behaviour issues, attachment, loss and grief, separation and bullying.

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Lego Therapy

Young boy playing with building blocks

Lego therapy is suitable for small groups of children (typically 3) who may be struggling with concentration and/or social situations. Collaborative play provides the opportunity to develop turn taking, listening and sharing, problem sharing and communication skills.

Each child takes turns to be the builder, supplier or an engineer and follows pictorial instructions to build models supported by a facilitator.

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Behaviour and family support

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Nicki and her team recommend a complete 360 strategy when working with a young person, we firmly believe that a successful connection between, child, family and school is essential to a successful outcome. The success rate Achieve 360 has enjoyed supports this strategy and we have received exceptional feedback praising our work in this regard.

Over the years we have supported many families through difficult times as well as with child behaviour issues and our extensive experience includes: ADHD, Dyspraxia Autistic Spectrum, Separation Divorce, Drugs, Alcohol, Domestic, Violence, and Re Possession all of which can have a traumatic impact on a young person’s life and behaviour.

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PTSD concept

We now offer specialised Children’s accelerated trauma treatment (Catt) Which is suitable for children and adults.

The Catt programe is approximately 8 to 12 weeks therapy to suit children and young people of all ages, adults too! to assist them in the recovery of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) symptoms, flashbacks, nightmares and anxiety.

A 30 minute assesment is required prior to assertain if the Catt programme will be suitable.

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